Let’s celebrate Read Hour

Read Hour is celebrated in many cities and many countries on the 8th of September. Here we have listed some of the events that are taking place. This year’s theme for Read Hour in Finland is peace and friendship. This will be reflected in some of the events and can inspire the choice of reading.

In Finland

The Finnish initiative Read Hour is celebrated for the fourth time this year. The campaign was founded by The Children and Youth Foundation in 2019 with the simple idea to to read for one hour. In Finland Read Hour is celebrated at 7 pm, but events are also taking place at other times during the day. Finnish libraries across the country arrange reading events and workplaces can participate in the event, for example during a coffee break.

This year author Lotta-Sofia Saahko and psychotherapist Ville Merinen encourage participants to read or listen to books with the theme of friendship or peace.

Read Hour Live at 10 am 

Read Hour Live is an 45-minute long event on Youtube for students in junior high schools. The event is made by young people for young people. Participating are also actress Krista Kosonen, author Lotta-Sofia Saahko and theatre director Jakob Höglund. Music performance by Biolapset.

Use the hashtag #ReadHour and tag @lastenjanuortensaatio. 

In Sweden

Läsrörelsen (the Reading Movement) coordinates Read Hour in Sweden in collaboration with the Swedish teacher foundation, Lärarstiftelsen, The Swedish Academy and Microsoft. Also the Swedish National Agency for Education encourages schools to participate in the campaign.

Read Hour Sverige has over 150 Reading Role Models  that encourages everybody to read for one hour on the 8th of September.

Use the hashtags #ReadHourSverige and #ReadHour

In the UK

In the UK, there will be a number of events during Read Hour that families can attend including a fun-filled storytelling session on 10th September to stimulate young imaginations with authors Chris Smith and Greg James at Chiswick Book Festival and two events at Children’s Bookshop in Muswell Hill. The first of the two events on September 8th is with storyteller, Liz Fost, who will be bringing to life the Moomin tales and characters at 11 am. The second event begins at 4 pm with author Anna James for the publication of her new book The Tree House Library. She will be reading and sharing her writing process and signing books later in the day. Liz Fost will also be making her way to Sussex for another storytelling session at 4pm at Bag of Books in Lewes.

Use the hashtags #ReadHourUK and #ReadHour.

In Norway

Foreningen !les (Association Read) is the organisation behind Read Hour 2022 in Norway. Read Hour, “Lesetimen”, is arranged for the first time in Norway this year. Norwegians are encouraged to read at 7 pm.   

Read Hour will be celebrated for example in old phone booths that have been turned into reading booths for book swapping. Here you can take part in stories read aloud or sit down to read for yourself and eat pizza. At lunchtime a reading lunch “Leselunsj” will be arranged in Litteraturhuset in Oslo. Writers and actors will be reading aloud. The event is also being streamed on Facebook. Click here for more information on Facebook

Use the hashtags #Lesetimen #ReadHour.

In Estonia

The Finnish Institute in Estonia arranges Read Hour together with The Year of the Libraries in different parts of Estonia. In Tarto there will be Morning Read Hour events in the Tammelinna library and in both Tarto and Tallinn a joint reading session for schools and general public will be held at 1 pm at the town hall square.

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What does your Read Hour look like?

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