Read Hour in Norway

Person sitting in a chair reading a book in front of an old phone booth.
Lesekiosk is an old phone booth made to a book swap places with a possibility to sit down and read for a moment.

Norway is taking part in Read Hour. We asked Vibeke Røgler from Foreningen !les what is going on during Read Hour in their country.

In Norway we wish to highlight Read Hour in the same manner as last year, but with the experience of seeing this through once already, we aim to exceed last year’s participation and attention.   

Once again, we have promulgated funds for activities regarding the Reading kiosks (Lesekioskene) around the country. This way the sponsors of the kiosks will be able to highlight Read Hour at 19:00 hours more efficiently.   

Last year, Reader seeks book (Leser søker bok) arranged a live streamed Reading Lunch at the House of Literature in Oslo, which was screened in libraries and Literature houses all over the country.   

Libraries all over the country marked the day in different ways last year: Open reading circles, recitations, and inspiring book exhibitions. Libraries, organisations, the book industry and avid readers in general also shared pictures on social media with the hashtag #lesetimen and #ReadHour. 

Who is organising Read Hour and why do you want to take part in this campaign?  

In 2022 Association !Read (Foreningen !les) were contacted by Ragnfrid Trohaug at the biggest publishing house in Norway, Cappelen Damm, on behalf of the Finnish The Children and Youth Foundation. Read Hour has spread out to multiple countries and Association Read were approached to see if Norway wanted to participate. Immediately we said yes and approached our sister organisation “Leser søker bok”. We arranged a meeting with other reading associations, libraries and publishers and we decided to highlight this together.  

How are you engaging your local audience to Read Hour?  

In addition to close communication with a wide range of reading associations, libraries, literature houses and publishers we also contact all the primary – and secondary schools in the country. Association !read have a vast contact network of teachers, school leaders and school librarians who take part in our school projects. We also make use of our social media platforms for marketing.  

Who are the partners in your country making Read Hour spread?  

We cooperate with Leser søker bok, Norsk faglitterær forfatter- og oversetterforening, Forfattersentrum, Norsk Barnebokinstitutt, Forleggerforeningen, Norske barne- og ungdomsbokforfattere, Norsk bibliotekforening, Oversetterforeningen og Bokhandlerforeningen. We have also informed Ark bokhandel, Biblioteksentralen SA, Cappelen Damm, De norske bokklubbene, Den Norske Forfatterforening, Forlagssentralen ANS, Bibliotekarforbundet, Fri Bokhandel SA, Grafill and Utdanningsforbundet and encouraged them to highlight the day on their platforms.  

What is your favourite book from children’s and young adults literature?  

I wish to mention two favourites. They have both won literary awards in Norway, voted by young readers from the age of 10 to 16: 

Written by: Vibeke Røgler / Executive Director,  Foreningen !les